18 september 2019

Uitwisseling Lithuania

Our first impressions of Lithuania are very surprising. The lives of the people are quite simular to that of Dutch people. The national sport is basketball. In the school of our exchange students, everyone plays it. We had a biology lesson yesterday. We had to extract dna from fruit. It was quite difficult, but we succeeded.

Wouter 3t1 en Kalle 3t2

Upon arrival, I was pretty nervous and didn' t know what to expect. But when I came in to the host family, they were really nice and welcoming.
One of the best things we did so far, was the cooking workshop. We made some traditional Lithuanian dishes. It was a really nice thing to do and or tasted pretty good! We made banana and blueberry icecream, heart shaped pancakes and ginger bread. On Tuesday evening we went to a theatre to do traditional dancing and sing some Lithuanian songs. We were also asked to come up front and dance with someone Lithuanian.

Luna 3t2