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Dalweg 5
6865 CZ Doorwerth
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General information

Dorenweerd College is a secondary school in Doorwerth (in the region of Renkum) which provides the following levels of education: VWO Bilingual stream, VWO, HAVO and MAVO (VMBO-t). The school is beautifully maintained and situated within the forested hills of Doorwerth.  We feel it is important to emphasise that education at Dorenweerd is based on the equality of religious beliefs and philosophical convictions.

We are the forerunners in developing internationally minded people and we empower our pupils to believe and aspire to be whatever they want to be, confident that they can and will succeed.

Core task
The core task of the school is explicitly aimed at providing quality education. Therefore  teaching, educational attainment, mentoring, Integral Personnel Policy(IPP) and quality are key priorities for school and team.

Dorenweerd College is situated in a modern and attractive building. The school has a beautiful auditorium and a central ICT workspace for students. In addition to other facilities, all the classrooms are equipped with smartboards.

interieur school
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The school has about 1150 students which is relatively small-scale and staff are organized into several departments. Led by a head of department, mentors and teachers are responsible for the education, counselling and care of the pupils. The department heads are supported by coordinators who deal with many of the students queries and are the first port of call when parents and teachers have questions regarding a department matter. There is also a care team which supports each of the sections.

Broad education
The Dorenweerd College offers broad education for all pupils. Much of the teaching takes place during scheduled lessons based on current themes and curriculum demands, however learning also takes place during ‘off-grid’ activities, as there are also trips and events that take place which add experientially to lessons in culture and arts, sports and science, etc. These extracurricular activities are carried out within the framework of cultural education, citizenship, internationalization, projects and internships. Developments are being made all the time in everyday teaching practice (for instance: the way the teacher makes contact with students and responds to them). At Dorenweerd College students are never forced to choose one particular direction within the curriculum or a specific interest or talent, they are offered a wide range of subjects and courses and may choose their own path as they transfer from lower school to upper school.

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Bilingual educuation: GO GLOBAL!

TTO is a six year programme at VWO-level. You will study the same subjects as the other pupils in VWO-classes and you will achieve the same diploma. The biggest difference compared to regular VWO is the fact that TTO is more focused on your future. Critical thinking, talent development and seeing and seizing opportunities are part of the curriculum. Though this may seem a long way off now, you will be given the best opportunity for a successful future during your time at Dorenweerd. TTO gives you a head start.

CLICK HERE for the TTO flyer.

Head of bilingual department
Mr. Bart de Wild
+31 26 3397030

TTO-coördinator: Katherine Kells: k.kells@dorenweerd.nl

Coördinator TTO-activities: Ilse Eijkman: i.eijkman@dorenweerd.nl 

Coördinator International Office: Michael Breeveld: m.breeveld@dorenweerd.nl