10 Best Delegate Awards

4 februari 2020

Dorenweerd College participated in the Stockholm International School Model United Nations Conference. (SISMUN).  Our students dominated the debate winning 10 best delegate awards across several committees. In addition to debating world issues, the students enjoyed touring Stockholm. We are extremely proud of our TTO students.

MUN Hardenberg

17 december 2019

Last weekend, 16 students from 2T and 3T participated in the Model United Nations conference held by Vechtdal College in Hardenberg. Our students proved themselves to be very competent debaters and managed to overcome the fear of public speaking. In addition, Dorenweerd had one experienced student, chairing a committee: André Hoek. Congratulations to all, it was a great weekend and we are very proud of our students’ accomplishments.

Mun Conference

2 december 2019

Last weekend, 16 students from T2-T6 participated in the Model United Nations conference held by Revius Lyceum in Doorn. Our students were active participants in discussions ranging from decriminalization of soft drugs to crisis situations in Ukraine. Our students proved themselves to be very competent debaters. Justin Kuijper won Best Delegate for his work as Brazil on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  In addition, Dorenweerd had three students chairing various committees: Madelief Bakker, Thomas van Laarhoven, and Alana Peters. Congratulations to all, it was a great weekend and we are very proud of our students’ accomplishments.

Dorenweerd College participated in the 12th Annual LMUNA conference this weekend. This year Dorenweerd represented the UK and Spain on 12 committees. The 18 TTO students debated on solutions to world issues such as the environment, refugees, privacy, women’s rights, terrorism, financial and economic development, protection of world heritage and more. Their hard work was rewarded with two Best Delegate awards going to Maud Zijlstra and Mees Lansbergen. In addition, Wiebe Sikkema, Brendon Arany, Madelief Bakker, and Thomas Laarhoven won honorable mentions. All students were active in their debates and Dorenweerd is very proud of everyone’s performance

We think Lithuania is an awesome country. The hosts are really kind and make us feel at home. The country is really different than the Netherlands, but you can still see some links: flat, rainy, cozy.
Yesterday we went to Vilnius. We visited the Presidential palace and learned a bit about the history of Lithuania. After that, we had some free time to explore the city, have lunch and go shopping. We met after a couple of hours and went to the Contemporary Art Centre. Then we went back to Kaunas, where the host families picked us up.

Alanis en Hidde 3t1

Our first impressions of Lithuania are very surprising. The lives of the people are quite simular to that of Dutch people. The national sport is basketball. In the school of our exchange students, everyone plays it. We had a biology lesson yesterday. We had to extract dna from fruit. It was quite difficult, but we succeeded.

Wouter 3t1 en Kalle 3t2

Upon arrival, I was pretty nervous and didn' t know what to expect. But when I came in to the host family, they were really nice and welcoming.
One of the best things we did so far, was the cooking workshop. We made some traditional Lithuanian dishes. It was a really nice thing to do and or tasted pretty good! We made banana and blueberry icecream, heart shaped pancakes and ginger bread. On Tuesday evening we went to a theatre to do traditional dancing and sing some Lithuanian songs. We were also asked to come up front and dance with someone Lithuanian.

Luna 3t2

Op donderdag 27 juni vond de finale plaats van de Cricket Challenge; een jaarlijks landelijk crickettoernooi voor tto-scholen. Bij de regionale voorrondes is het Dorenweerd-team tweede geworden. Daarmee hebben ze een plek in de finale veroverd. Donderdag moest het Dorenweerd-team aantreden op het Kampong sportpark in Utrecht. Het weer was prachtig en gelukkig lagen de temperaturen die dag wat lager dan de dagen ervoor en stond er een zacht windje. 
Onder de begeleiding van Hans Valk en Domenico Spinnato moesten 10 leerlingen uit de klassen 2T1 en 2T2, 4 wedstrijden spelen. Alle wedstrijden werden redelijk makkelijk gewonnen door onze leerlingen, waardoor we de finale bereikten. Helaas hebben ze de finale wedstrijd verloren tegen ORS Len en Linge uit Culemborg met 292 tegen 302 punten, maar mogen wij trots zijn dat ze 2e van Nederland zijn geworden. Het was een super leuke en leerzame dag, waarbij de leerlingen constant Engels hebben gesproken. Op de website van de Koninklijke Cricket Bond kan je een leuk verslag lezen van de finale. 

Klik hier om het verslag te lezen. 

June 14-16 Maastricht

Last weekend, 28 students from Dorenweerd TTO department traveled to Maastricht to participate in MAASMUN. Students from TTO 2-4 debated in English on topics from Cyber Warfare to Indigenous Peoples. During this MUN, Dorenweerd had three chair positions which were filled by Madelief Bakker, Thomas van Laarhoven, Mees Lansbergen. Students were active lobbying, writing resolutions, defending amendments. Dorenweerd is very proud of the students and their achievements.

Dorenweerd TTO students participated in CAMMUN (Cambridge Model United Nations) last weekend. The students debated on global issues with their peer counterparts from all over the world. Our students excelled in the debates.  Tess van der Heiden (T5) and Lune Gros (T5) won Most Distinguished Delegate. In addition to debating, we were also able to take a boat ride along the famous Colleges, including King’s College, and to walk around the village of Cambridge. It was an excellent experience for our TTO students.


Every year, TTO 3 students participate in the Junior Speaking Contest sponsored by  Nuffic Organization for Bilingual Schools in the Netherlands.  This year, Andre, Lois, Milou, Jan Willem, Niek, and Jess competed in the Finals at Dorenweerd College. The students spoke for 2-3 minutes on the theme: What Makes the World Go Round.  The speeches were lively, creative, and well delivered.  Jess Joppen won the competition and will represent Dorenweerd College at the Regional Junior Speaking Contest on Friday, February 22nd at Metameer College.