Colour dragon 1B9

The bilingual first graders had to make a drawing of a dragon that eats it’s own tail. They had to divide the dragon’s body in at least 10 different areas and fill these areas systematically with colours in poster paint following the colour wheel. Underneath some fine examples of 1B9.

Femke: This is a colour dragon, the assignment was that you had to draw a dragon with his tale in  his mouth. With all different kinds of colours. Before the dragon assignment you had to draw a colour wheel to practise those colours. I liked the assignment. I got a 8,5!

Daan: We had to make a colour dragon. First it was boring, but when we started to draw I thought it was fun, and also when the teacher said that mine was nice. When I have a look at this drawing now, I think it is a good drawing.

Saskia: We had to make a dragon. There also had to be a hue in your dragon. I made my dragon like this because I  like green, blue en yellow colours. I made red spikes because if I think about a dragon, I think of red spikes. For the rest I just tried some things and this was the result.































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